#PAUC19 Speakers

Global Delivery Leader, CIO Advisory and Cloud Migration Factory

Head of Design @ Advent Electronics International

Agile and Design Thinking – Moving up The Value Chain

Agile Transformation Leader and Enterprise Coach @ Cognizant Digital Engineering

“How Culture Maps drive Agility”

VP & Head – Enterprise Quality Solutions (EQS) @ Infosys

Global Head of Digital QA & Test

Delivery Head of a Multinational Bank

Coach, Speaker, Trainer, CEO Nelkinda Software Craft

Director / Head Agile Competence Center – Credit Suisse

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PAUC cannot reach its vision destination without active support from sponsors. PAUC being a community initiative needs the necessary support to fuel the PAUC initiatives. We call this association of PAUC and the sponsor as a collaborative partnership.
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[Social Media Consultant]


[Content Editor @ ScaleUp]


[Agile Specialist]


[Product Lead @ Infiniteworks pvt ltd]


[Graphic Designer @ ScaleUp]


[Senior Security Analyst-ISMS]

Mohan Raut

[Scrum Master]

Nikhilesh Kiran Yeluri

[Event Manager]


[Agile Evangelist]


[Scrum Master @ Persistent]


[Assistant Consultant @ TCS]


[Agile Coach]


[Assistant QA Manager]


[An Agile Believer & Enabler]


[Consultant Specialist at HSBC]
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Pune Agile UnConference

Pune Agile UnConference (PAUC) is a one-day annual un-conference, bringing together Agile enthusiasts and professionals on one common platform. With the vision to make Pune the Agile Capital of India, PAUC was convened to spread the Agile mindset and ideas through the collaboration of passionate Agile believers. PAUC is purely a community event, largely supported and organized by volunteers from the community “Pune Agile Professionals”.

PAUC 2017
20thAug 2017
  • 10 Speakers
  • 150+ Attendees
  • Representation from 50+ companies
PAUC 2018
19thAug 2018
  • 14 Speakers
  • 250+ Attendees
  • Representation from 100+ companies

Let’s, together, make Pune the ‘Agile Capital of India’.


Hyatt Regency Pune,

Weikfield IT Park, Pune-Nagar Road,

Pune, Maharashtra 411014


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Enterprise Agility is a fundamental mindset shift covering four pillars
- Vision and Strategy
- Leadership and Organization
- Ways of working
- Governance and Measures
More and more enterprises are adopting Agility to embrace digital reinvention journey leveraging cloud and cognitive growth platforms. However, if principles of Agile are not rightly practiced and not complimenting the reinvention strategy, that may limit the ability to deliver the target business outcome. The session will focus on what is needed in Agile practices to move you beyond the line of what is possible to deliver a differentiated value proposition to your customers.

The talk will focus on what it does take to deliver business impact, based on real-life examples of large enterprises that have realized tangible benefits by embracing Agile.  It will highlight the patterns of success / key imperatives as well as the pitfalls to be avoided.

There are "secret" short cuts in successful Agile coaching. They are technical in nature. In a holistic view about Agile, Christian will show you how to bring Agile back to its technical roots. The things will be technical but presented in a way that a non-technical audience can also easily understand.

Behavioural economics is new field which combines insights from psychology with ideas from economics. It studies 'mental' biases that everyone has and ideas on how to overcome those biases. Take the case of 'planning poker'. The reason planning poker works is because it addresses 'Anchoring bias", "Availability Heuristic", "Base rate fallacy" and 'bandwagon effect". This session will be focused on various Scrum Agile practices, analyse them from Behaviour Economics point of view and then recommend some dos/don't when can be changed and what should not be changed.

A DOJO is a virtual location giving an opportunity to improve oneself by committing to a measurable level of knowledge within a technical discipline. It is a mindset of integrity, respect and passion toward your disciplines of study, your mentors, and fellow participants and aids in Continuous learning. It is important to setup and drive the continuous learning culture in the company. This can bring in value addition in multiple arenas like creating mentorship opportunities, Succession planning, Breaking silos, improved time to market, creating a pool of experts/leaders in your organization.

Driving towards Agility in Engineering Applications is different as the eco system complex, highly specialized and core in nature. We will go through challenges, good practices and interpretations in the session.

Organizational Hierarchy & Structure depict the flow of authority and the way organization should be governed and has a major influence on the peoples’ mindset & organization culture. Most of these hierarchies have reflection of 'Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory' which represents human motivation to achieve more authority. When such organizations intend to become Agile often fall into the trap of command and control within the hierarchy. ‘Agile Needs Hierarchy’ framework, leverages the fundamentals from Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs Theory, can help organizations to embed agility and bring the evolution within to become an Agile Organization